HR Software & Hardware

The category HR Software & Hardware is open for innovations for e.g.:


  • Time-, work-, attendance systems
  • ASP solutions
  • Call center
  • Document management/information management/operational data management
  • Candidate selection/application management
  • Personnel deployment planning/staff management
  • Payroll solutions
  • Project management/workflow management
  • etc.


  • Computer/desktops
  • Hardware for mobile data capture
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Access and entry control
  • etc.

Entries in this category are open as Startup* or as Established Company.

* A company is admitted as a Startup, if it…

  • is an independent company with its own VAT and tax registration number
  • is growth-oriented, in terms of technology, finances and staff
  • has a scalable business model
  • offers a technological innovation
  • has been founded within the past five years or a foundation is imminent
  • is disruptive – Note: a disruptive technology is an innovation that has the potential to entirely replace an existing technology, an existing product or an existing service
  • fits naturally into the product scope of our human resource management exhibitions